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Welcome to Julie and Ben's Genealogy Page

George Q. Cannon and Friends in Jail
Coming from so many distinguished ancestors,
Genealogy was a natural attraction for Julie

One purpose of this web site is to create a place where Julie can post her genealogy research. She has worked for many years on the line of her great-grandmother, Martha Telle Cannon, who married George Q. Cannon (holding the flowers above). In doing this research, Julie has also worked on many collateral families, finding and writing histories of some of these people. These works are also posted below.

Email contact is welcomed at juliemarkhamfamilyhistory at

Biography of Martha Telle Cannon 1846-1928
by Julie C Markham
This biography was completed and posted in November 2020.

Using letters, photos, news articles and personal histories, I have written a biography of my grandfather, Collins Telle Cannon. I have researched the farm where he spent his youth. I have turned up a previously unknown occupation in mining. I have used his own letters and photos to open a window on his European mission between 1910-1913, and I've researched his family members and his adult life. I have had such a great experience with this biography, and I sincerely hope family members will enjoy this.

Collins Telle Cannon, His Life, the Times
by Julie C Markham
This biography was proofread in September 2020.
Typos and formating issues were corrected, and minor wording changes were made for clarity.

Below is an autobiography of Ida Mar Redd Markham. Please read the forward of this document to understand the context.

Autobiography of Ida Mar Redd Markham: The first half of my life

I have transcribed the missionary journal of my grandfather, Thomas William Innes, who served in Ireland between 1906-1908. As I worked through this journal, I added pictures and some commentary. I loved working on this journal, and I wish our lives had overlapped.

Missionary Journal of Thomas William Innes

My most extensive biography is of Joseph Fielding and associated families. If you find problems with this document or have pictures and other information you would like me to incorporate, please email me at juliemarkhamfamilyhistory at

The World of Joseph Fielding by Julie C Markham

The link below is for a biography about James Radford Millard and his wife Catherine Richards of Wales. If you have pictures or histories you would like me to incorporate, please email me at juliemarkhamfamilyhistory at

Biography of James Radford Millard and his wife Catherine Richards by Julie C Markham

Below is the link to my biography of the Driver families. The research was complicated and lengthy, taking me over a year to complete. If you are interested in the endnotes, which I used to keep track of my research and to add information outside the biography, I recommend you open two browser windows so you can read the endnotes concurrently. This was a difficult biography to compile because of all the pictures. If you see typos or problems, please email me at juliemarkhamfamilyhistory at

William Driver and his wife Charlotte Emblen Boulter,
Their Families, Emigration, and Descendants

Other Family Biographies

Biography of Benjamin Freeman Bird

A Brief History of Bishop Jens Nielson

John Wiley Redd History

Catherine Richards Millard by Cecelia Millard Grover

James Radford Millard by Cecelia Millard Grover

Cecelia Sarah Millard Grover, Her Personal History

Collins Telle Cannon, His Memories of George Q. Cannon

Elizabeth Coleman, Mother of Elizabeth Walker

Emma Walker Grover, Her Family and Their Immigration

Garland, by Norma Airmet
Her Memories of Mary Elizabeth Grover Innes

Innes Immigration, History of Thomas Innes

Mary Elizabeth Grover Innes, Her Personal History

Saga of the Burton Families,
History of William Walton Burton

I wrote a history in 2003 of Martha Telle and her ancestors based on what I had learned to that point. I called it The Telle Book.

The Telle Book

Thomas Grover Biography, Pioneer of 1847

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