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Welcome to a Photo Journal of
Ben and Julie Markham's Mission in West Africa

Armstrongs, Huffs, Findlays, Badgers, Leishmans, Whisenants, Walkers, Thomases
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Experiences and Photos From Our Mission

May 2004:
MTC and arrival in Ghana June 2004:
MTC & Arrival
in Ghana
Accra Temple July 2004:
Adjusting to
Giftie August 2004:
Serving in
West Africa
is Fun To Do
Alma August 2004
Second Update:
And the Beat
Goes On...
Venturing Out of Greater Accra September 2004:
Venturing Out
of Greater Accra
Pothole Dodger October 2004:
Come with Us
to Sierra Leone
George the GPS November 2004:
On the Road
Temple Grounds Lighting December 2004:
We've Grown
to You Now
Harmattan January 2005:
& Trains
Benz Repair Prayer February 2005:
Hawkers &
Liberia Trip
Bus Load of Liberians March 2005:
Monkey at the Pit April 2005:
Julie in Batik May 2005:
Batik & Volta
Elders in Toyota June 2005:
West African
Tough Little Kitty July 2005:
Aba Temple
Open House
& Dolls
Temple on an Egg August 2005:
Aba Temple
& Interns Leave
Hot Pink Chicks September 2005:
& Jungle Trip
Wheels for Rebecca October 2005:
Rebecca Wheels
Dogon Doors
& Learnings
Coming Home November 2005:
Doctors for
Rebecca and
Coming Home

Random Acts of Missionary Service
Brought to you by missionaries we served with in West Africa.

Armstrongs Dan and Rosemary Armstrong
Area Family History Directors
Menu of Experiences
Huffs Dale and Lea Huff
Ghana Accra Mission
Proselyting and Leadership
Adventures in Dodowa
Findlays DeMoine and Joyce Findlay
Area Welfare Services
Ivory Coast Measles
Vaccination Campaign
Badgers Frank and Lynda Badger
Ghana Cape Coast Mission
Proselyting and Leadership
Cameroon Temple Excursion
Leishmans Kim and Margene Leishman
Area Welfare Services
Accra Korle-bu Hospital
Audiology Clinic
Whisenants Vern and Donna Whisenant
Area Public Affairs Directors
Aba Nigeria Temple
Open House
Walkers Derl and Erna Walker
Area Welfare Services
Clean Water Initiative
Bore Holes
Thomases Kent and Carolyn Thomas
Ghana Accra Mission
Proselyting and Leadership
Sierra Leone

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