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Table of Contents


Martha Telle Cannon

Introduction to the Espy and Telle Families (p 3-13)

Pedigree Chart of Ambrose Telle / Ann Espy / Ephraim White (p 14)

Chapter 1: Families of Ann Espy / Ambrose Telle / Ephraim White (p 15-28)

Chapter 2: Families of George Espy Telle / Louisa Schull (p 29-51)

Chapter 3: Families of Josiah Lewis Telle / Tabitha Oakley (p 52-65)

Chapter 4: Families of Josiah Lewis Telle / Amelia Rogers (p 66-106)

Chapter 5: Families of Josiah Lewis Telle / Rachael Chapman (p 107-110)

Chapter 6: Families of Edwin Tracy Telle / Emaline Cooley (p 111-117)

Chapter 7: Families of Ambrose Telle / Harriett Cooley (p 118-125)

Chapter 8: Families of Sidney Telle and Hamilton Telle (p 126-134)

Index of Names (p 135-144)

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