Sotad School and Rebecca

Our friends Elder Dale and Sister Lea Huff continue their work in Dodowa. Their motto is: Every day is a new adventure. You can see a lot more of their adventures by clicking on this button.

As part of their missionary work, the Huffs visit local schools so more people will recognize them when they visit homes and go around the town. These pictures were taken during visits to a school in Sotad, a very poor farming village just outside Dodowa (about 30 miles north of Accra).

Sotad School Sotad School
Sotad School
Primary and secondary education is
required by Ghanaian law, but it is
not funded by the government or taxes.
Faculty and Staff with a Student
Parents have to pay the school's fees
for their children to attend. Poor
families go to poor schools, if at all.

School Classroom School Classroom
Classrooms are dark and hot with
little are no teaching resources.
Students sit together in desks and
often learn by repeating what teachers say.

School Playground School Playground
Playing Soccer
with cattle sharing the field
Lines for games drawn
in the dirt by bare feet

School Playground School Playground
The students knew they were
expecting special guests.
Sister Huff became the PE coach
that day. She is an amazing woman.

School Registration School Registration
On this day, many parents had brought
children to register for the next term.
The Huffs met everyone they could,
even though language was a challenge.

This is when they met six year old Rebecca. She has not started school because
she can't walk the half mile to school and home. That day she had crawled
to the school because she had heard someone would be there that
might be able to help her. She really wants to be able to go to Sotad school.

Weighing Rebecca Weighing Rebecca
Introducing Rebecca (and others)
to a bathroom scale.
They didn't know what 'weight' was.
Elder Huff helped Rebecca get her weight.
He ended up weighing
every child and some adults, most
for the first time in their lives.

The Huffs returned to Sotad to complete a wheelchair application for Rebecca. They needed to know Rebecca's weight so the appropriate wheelchair could be ordered. There is a shipment of 500 wheelchairs from LDS Charities enroute to Ghana now. Hopefully, Rebecca will get one of these. We are now praying that the wheelchair will enable her to get to school over the dirt roads and paths she must use. Sometimes we slip in a little prayer for a benevolent orthopedic surgeon and a miracle.

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