Clean Water for Ghanaians

Children need clean water Fetching water in a village
It is the people, especially children,
that motivate many charitable organizations,
including the Church, to pursue
clean water initiatives.
Believe it or not, when clean well water
is not readily available, river or even
pond water is used for drinking,
cooking, and washing.

Children getting water Students getting water
Children are assigned the chore
of fetching water twice each day
for the family.
Students get water for the schools.
When there is no clean water,
they carry the dirty water
for use at home and school.

In early December, the Walkers completed 18 months as humanitarian service missionaries in Ghana. They directed educational and medical projects, but their passion was providing clean water for the children of Ghana. There are thousands of bore holes in Ghana that don't work. Flushing out the hole, repairing or replacing equipment, or upgrading the pump is often a low cost way to restore the supply of clean water to a village. Elder Walker had experience with wells on his farm in North Carolina. By working with contractors and vendors, the average expenditure to refurbish a bore hole dropped from over $2000 to under $1000 during his mission. As he would say, "Twice as many children won't get sick from drinking polluted water!" Elder and Sister Walker
Erna and Derl Walker
in front of the
Accra Christiansborg Stake Center

Preparing to Clean a Bore Hole Repairing a Pump
Preparing to flush a bore hole
with an electric pump.
Carefully checking the pump
to eliminate minor problems.

Laying out New Pipe and Rods Finishing a new pump platform
Laying out pipe and rods
for a bore hole installation.
Finishing a new pump platform.

Elder Walker Demonstrates Village Elders Like the Pump
Elder Walker demonstrates the new pump
for the chief and village elders.
The village elders like the pump.

Older Lady Gets Water Younger Lady Gets Water
Old and ... ...young give the well a try.

Fill All the Containers Children Get Back to Chores
The containers are lined up
for clean water.
After the celebration, it is chores
as usual for the children!

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