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Welcome to the
Steev and Janet Markham Home Page

Steev and Janet Christmas 2004
Steev and Janet in front of their first Christmas Tree

In a little over one year, Janet has accomplished more in raising Steev than his parents did in 22 years. He has actually graduated from an accredited institution of learning (BSEE-Computer from BYU); he has a real job (GE Research); and they have purchased a permanent place of residence. Way to go Janet!
Now work on his computer addiction.

Steev actually graduated Steev with the Weidmans
In May 2004 Steev received a degree
in Electrical Engineering--Computer
from Brigham Young University.
Since his parents were off visiting
grandkids before their mission, the
Weidmans let Steev pose in their
family pictures.

Steev moving to the new house Steev and Janet's first home
Steev trying to move using African
carrying method he learned from
this website.
Steev and Janet's first home
is in Niskayuna, New York.

Janet enjoying her new home Here is Janet in her new home. She deserves the best for her work with Steev. She also is doing well as a Speech Language Pathologist helping children with speech needs. Steev has started an MS program from Georgia Tech taught via virtual classroom. He occasionally admits he is running to keep up with life. This is another first for him. We are very proud of Janet and Steev.

Janet's Vegetable Garden

Janet's Flower Gardens

Steev and Janet's Palmyra Temple Wedding
Steev and Janet in front of the Palmyra Temple

Our Photo Album is now online (2.2MB)

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