The Wedding CD Playlist

The Wedding CD Hey Sammie, why did you put ‘You Sexy Thing’ on your wedding CD? Well, the answer to that is kind of complicated. Melissa and I had initially planned on writing out a playlist for everyone with an explanation of why each song got selected, but we didn’t (obviously). Several songs have played a funny or meaningful or awkward or embarrassing role in our relationship. These were the songs that made the wedding CD. Just because a song is on the CD, don’t think we actually ‘like’ the song. For example, I don’t really care for the song ‘I Believe in Miracles’ by Hot Chocolate, aka ‘You Sexy Thing’, but since that was the first song I ever serenaded Melissa with, it needed to go onto the CD. (And if you haven’t figured it out already, this is why we’re making the list – I may be the first guy in history to serenade a girl with ‘I Believe In Miracles’ and end up marrying the girl…) So without further ado, here’s the list: (Melissa’s commentary is added in italics.)

I Believe In Miracles – Shortly after we started dating Melissa and I were driving home from seeing The Incredibles (which we only went to see for the Star Wars trailer, but that’s a different story) and Melissa commented to me how her favorite type of music is Christmas music. I put in a mix CD I made several years ago which included Christmas songs. Once the Christmas songs were done, the next song on the CD was ‘I Believe In Miracles’. When Melissa asked me why I had this song on the CD I explained that the CD was really for songs that my band in LA would be playing, but because I had extra space on the disc I decided to put a few Christmas songs on it as well. She asked if I was the one who sang the song. Yes. She asked if I would sing it to her. Um, OK, if that’s what you want. Well, I was worried that she would wreck the car as I sang to her because she was laughing so hard. She wouldn’t even let me stop singing. I don’t know if it helped or hurt at that point – but whenever it comes on, I know I still have to sing for her.

L.O.V.E. – Melba really likes this song. That’s all I really know about it.

The Bassist Moondance – This is the 2nd song I serenaded to Melba. She really liked it despite not having ever heard it. I made her a copy and continued to serenade her with it. At Christmastime we went to see the Christmas trees on the White House lawn. Afterwards we were walking along the National Mall (very late at night) and for no real reason I began singing Moondance to Melissa and dancing with her. I know, I know, it was really cheesy, but hey, I liked the girl. I also sang Moondance for her (as we danced) the night we got engaged. Hence the reason we chose this song for our first dance. On a side note: Kathryn Grimm is a very talented singer/guitarist who I became good friends with while living in LA. She was able to attend our wedding dinner and showed her talent as she sang Moondance while Melissa and I did our first dance. You can see Kathryn’s performance schedule by going to her website .

Brown-Eyed Girl – On our first date Melba told me that if I ever wanted to impress her all I needed to do was play Brown-Eyed Girl for her. She didn’t know at the time that I had gotten a group together and would be performing for a church dinner the next week. I told the band the following day that we needed to learn Brown-Eyed Girl. We did. I wanted to make this a surprise and worried that she would look at our set lists and the surprise would be ruined. I therefore wrote ‘Cheeseburger’ on the set list so nobody (but the band) would know we were playing Brown-Eyed Girl. My crush on Melissa was then known as ‘Operation: Cheeseburger.’

Animal – Talk about life’s most embarrassing moments. One day while I was at work I randomly got an email from Melissa which just said “I am totally laughing my head off at you right now. Nice rendition of Animal.” As it turns out, I had called her early one morning and left her a voice mail. I then did what I normally do while driving to work – sing along with the music and get a little annoyed with the stupid drivers. Well, as it turns out I was wearing my hands-free set and my phone didn’t hang up when I finished leaving the voice mail. So not only did Melba get my message, she then heard me near swear at some DC drivers, followed by me singing along with Def Leppard’s Animal. Melissa took great joy in saving this message and playing it for her family, and all of her friends. (I hate to think of what she’d do with it if she didn’t like me. I still have the message saved and, for a small bribe, would be willing to play it for you. mlm

O Fortuna (from Carmina Burana) – One of our first dates was going to see an American University Chorus perform Carmina Burana. This is the most popular song of them all. Not really much else to say about that.

Smooth Operator – This is a song that my current band, Barefoot, performs. It’s one of our best songs.

These Are Days – I meant to put the studio version on the CD but I messed up. Oops. 10,000 Maniacs is one of my favorite bands and we frequently listen to them. I think this is their most popular song.

Grow Old Along With MeSammie bought his condo in Falls Church about 2 weeks after we got engaged. I went with him to the closing and then we went back to the condo and talked about how, after the wedding, I would move in and it would be our first home. We planned to make dinner and spend the evening there together, but first I had to run home and grab dishes, since he didn’t move his stuff in until the next day. When I got in my car, I had a cd in that my sister Anna had made for me to celebrate my getting engaged. This song started to play and I started to cry as I listened to it. Later, Sammie and I sat on the floor of the new condo eating home made pizza in the dark (the lamps didn’t move in until the next day). I told him about it and started to cry again. Sammie, who prides himself on not showing emotion, tried to look disgusted at my sentimentality. I think he was fighting back tears. We weren’t married yet, so I pretended like I was fighting back tears to try and impress her. bsm

Did You Ever Look So Nice – Melissa’s sister Anna (aka Earthling) made Melissa a CD of ‘Groovy’ songs and this was included. I had never heard the song before, but I really liked it. I actually left the song on repeat until Melissa got so sick of it she made me change songs. I like the song, but twenty times in a row? Honestly. mlm

Back Up Against The Wall – This is George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars. On our first date, I played a CD of The P-Funk and I was VERY surprised to learn how much Melissa loved the music. (I didn’t think she would be into funk…) She liked it so much she wanted a copy of it. This song made the disc because it’s one of our favorite P-Funk songs.

The Singer Autumn Leaves – We started dating in autumn. That’s it. Well, that and we like the song.

Every Little Kiss – I have serenaded Melissa with this song several times also. It’s a great Bruce Hornsby song. Melissa really thought I was a freak after I sang ‘I Believe In Miracles’ to her so once I sang this song she started to realize that I could actually sing something ‘decent.’

We Can Work It OutAccording to Sammie, we sang this song together in harmony on our first date. I don’t remember it. What I remember most from our first date is how hard I was laughing.

And So It GoesI’ve always loved this song. That’s all…

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