Quick Review of Temple Tro-Tro

Tro tro to the Temple
A Tro Tro from Buduburam Branch

Late one afternoon, Elder Markham saw a tro tro pull up.  We had never seen a tro tro on the temple grounds before.  A tro tro is a 12 passenger van that is used for public transportation.  We started counting the people that got out of the tro tro.   We lost count, though.  Sister Markham started taking pictures, and from the pictures we could count 25 people, plus the driver, who had climbed out of the van.  Maybe a handful were children, but still, 25!!  We learned they had come from a refugee camp in Ghana for Liberians.  There is a branch of the church  at the camp.  In fact, we are going to that camp on August 22 to attend church and audit the branch records.    You know, sometimes people think everything has to be going great in their lives before they can take the time to attend the temple.  We have a feeling that these Saints from the refugee camp weren’t waiting.

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