Children from the Orphanage

Elder Markham and Friends
Only one of the people in this picture is not an AIDS orphan.

Cookies Water balloons
Elder and Sister Whisenant, the Area Public Affairs
missionaries, brought cookies and candy for the children.
There were also water balloons to play with.

Water Sachets Water Sachet Truck
These children get drinking water in plastic bags
called sachets, so they didn't "play" with water balloons.
They bit a small hole in the balloon to drink the water.
This a a truckload of drinking water sachets.

Child with water balloon Child with water balloon
No water balloon was tossed... ... everyone stayed dry.

Sad Face Pockets Full of Candy
Who could deny a piece of candy to this face? He stuffed his pockets full!

Older Children Older Children
Some of the older children help... ... with operations of the orphanage.

More children More children

More children More children

More children More children
Boys Girls (only the girls wear earrings.)

More children More children

Last Child

Now you have met a real princess! "By their fruits ye shall know them."

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