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Welcome to the
Dave and Carolyn Markham Family Home Page

See more current stuff on Carolyn's blog--if she'll let you!

The Family in San Antonio
The family in San Antonio for the temple open house

Four Happy Kids at the Houston Temple
Four Happy Kids at the Houston Temple

Jacob likes to smile Jacob likes to eat
Jacob likes to smile. Jacob likes to eat.

Jacob can slide Jacob can stand
Jacob can slide, if someone
can catch him at the bottom.
Jacob can stand, if there
is something to hold on to.

Melanie in an African necklace Melanie pushes Jacob
Melanie is wearing her African
necklace while she helps Mom make
chocolate chip cookies.
Melanie pushes Jacob in his
stroller. He likes to go fast.

Matt at bat Will is cool
Matt can hit the ball. Will looks cool in dark glasses.

Matt lauches a rocket!
Mouseover to see Matt launch a rocket.

Zebra Head in Car
Excuse me Mr. Zebra, do you know my Grandma lives in Africa?

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